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Metamind has experience in the following tools/technologies:
Programming Languages: Assembly, C and C++
RTOS: VxWorks, DEOS, HeartOS. Precise-MQX, uC-OS
Protocol development: Networking and Automation related
Various Schematic Design Tools
Various target platforms and architectures Metamind worked on:
ARM9 LPC3250   Silabs C8051F340   MCU-51   Tellika
ARM7 LPC2378   Renesas   Atmel89C51   PhilipsXAG3
MSP430   Coldfire   Atmega   RockwellL39
Rabbit   PPC MPC850   AM80186CC   Intel x86
Metamind has worked on various solutions related to embedded systems.
The projects Metamind executed:
VxWorks 6.9 BSP & Device drivers for LPC3250 (Arm9 core)   Prepaid metering solutions
VxWorks 6.7 Drivers for Multi Function Card   Radio based Gas metering system
VxWorks 6.3 Drivers for cPCI based ADC Card   Gas metering concentrator
VxWorks 6.3 Drivers for cPCI based DAC Card   Water metering dispensing system
VxWorks 6.3 Drivers for cPCI based DIO Card   Dual channel Direct Digital Synthesizer
EWGP-Meter   Digital 3-Phase motor overload protection system
HWC-Meter   Fingerprint swipe sensors
50 channel Strain Gauge   SmartPIT IB Master
8 channel Thermo-Couple Cards   HDX Dome Camera
8 channel RTD Cards   OMS BITE
Digital RO system   VOIP
Telecommand simulator   VOICEMUX
Telemetry simulator   X-Modem Protocol Development
Mother board harness continuity tester   ASYNCMUX Dual Channel
RO functional system   PSK & FSK Stand Alone Modem
BMS Load controller   FSK – 1200 Stand Alone Modem
BMS master controller   FSK – 600 Stand Alone Modem
RO Automation system